3 Ways to Power Up Your Newly-Launched Brand on Twitter

Entering the world of Twitter as a newcomer can be a bit intimidating. With the millions of active accounts that have lots of followers on the social network, it wouldn’t be surprising if you feel “small”.

Then again, just because you’re new doesn’t mean you’re stuck at the bottom all the time.

Here are ways to help you elevate.

1. Post What Is Relevant

Relevance is perhaps the most important ingredient of your success on Twitter. So, from day 1 of your account’s creation, strive to be relevant.

That means:

  • Post quality content
  • Follow relevant people
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Market to a target audience

Relevance has a lot to do with sense and purpose. If you’re relevant, you make sense and you have a purpose.

People on Twitter prefer those accounts. For them, those accounts have something useful to give to them. More importantly, those accounts are not out to waste their time.

2. Study the Trend & Ride It

And since Twitter is a social media, it’s rare — and maybe even impossible — for trends to be absent on the network.

In fact, it has a section called Trending Topics. You can access it and find out the most controversial topics today.

You may even butt in as those topics are the frequent subjects of discussion.

So, make the trend work for you. Study the latest, hottest, and the things that are not in. And then, strive to keep up with the trend so that you’re in, too.

And if you feel confident, you can start your own trend!

People like to follow a desirable aspect in another. That’s psychology for you.

3. Turn to Automation

Lastly, it’s best to work fast. Let the basic tasks run smoothly on their own as you dedicate your focus to your main strategy.

Concentrate on the next big task instead of worrying about minor details. Making big business decisions such as the newest marketing approach is an example.

The way to make this happen is to use Twitter automation tools. There are plenty of them.

They can enhance your following, obtain leads, increase conversions, schedule auto-posts, and more. Basically, these tools can speed up your growth.

Check out Jonathon Spire for a list of Twitter automation tools. To be exact, it has a list of the best Twitter automation tools.

Final Thoughts

Being the “new guy” on Twitter isn’t always easy. But neither is it always hard. Remember that everyone — including those with millions of followers — started as the new guy, too.

So, cheer up. There may be roadblocks in your quest for success. But if you’re goal-oriented, resilient, and determined, you’ll get to the top for sure.