Acoustic and Electric; Best guitars for beginners

Wanting to learn how to play guitar is something that needs dedication, time and patience. However all this can be futile if one selects the wrong type of guitar on their first choice of a guitar. In this regard, choosing among the best guitars in the market is important as this will determine the ease one will be able to learn the guitar. With the fact that choosing the right guitar, one will be able to escape not only the emotional pains from frustration but also the physical pains that can be brought about by a wrong kind of guitar.

Acoustic guitars

When it comes to looking for the best guitars in the acoustic sound area, choose a guitar that has a solid top and not a half top as your first guitar. This is because the top area generally will determine the kind of sound the guitar will produce. The best recommendations are Yamaha FG700S or the Seagull S6 with the latter being twice as expensive as the first. The benefit of choosing them is the fact that they are extremely easy on the fingers, and thus quitting on the first month because of the physical pains is eliminated. In addition to that when it comes to sounds and general tones, they bring out the music and thus no chance in going the wrong way in it. However is it good to note that regardless of the type of acoustic guitar you choose from do not go for one that is extremely cheap. This is because that is exactly what it will be offering also in sound and in the actual playing. Still cheap wood used will break easily harming you in the process and making you lose more in the process in monetary terms.

Electric guitars

Electric guitars need a lot more preparation when it comes to playing than acoustic guitars. This is because to be able to produce sound amplifiers and a cable is needed. With the fact that they can use multiple pickups controls to produce a variety of sounds, getting the best guitars from a set variety is important. However with the set kind of sound in mind there is no specific one that you find as the best expect the multi pickup electric to produce all sounds with a few changes done to it. Still some of the most outstanding are the Squier Standard Telecaster, Epiphone Les Paul 100 or the ESP LTD LMH100QMNT. To be able to choose specific best guitars, choosing by category like country, jazz, blues rock and heavy metal should be done.
Acoustic -electric guitar

If you to choose to leave behind the hustle of selecting the best guitars in the market in acoustic or electric sound, getting the acoustic- electric guitar is ideal. With an electronic pickup usually in built to it, it produces a variety of variations to it. In addition to that they have a preamplifier, and thus eliminate the need for a microphone when playing for a larger audience. When it comes to the preparation time, it needs just to be plugged and then played.