Are you Better off with a Meat Grinder or a Food Processor?

For starters, the choice of a meat grinder or a food processor primarily depends on your cooking needs. But, there’s more than one reason you’re better off with a meat grinder than a food processor.

Here’s a closer look at what owning a meat grinder means for your kitchen.

You Can Reduce the Level of Contamination on Your Meat

When you buy your ground meat straight from the butcher, you’re not sure how many hands (or items) that have come into contact with the beef. Besides, there’s no guarantee that the butcher washes his/her grinder correctly and how often he/she does it.

When you grind at home, on the other hand, you can control the level of contamination. You can wash the meat before you grind not to mention that you’re in control of your grinder’s cleanliness. Plus, a meat grinder will certainly save you on processing costs at the butcher.

You Can Decide Which Cuts to Grind

See, you’re never sure of the cuts your ground meant contains if you buy from the supermarket or butcher. However, with a grinder, you get to decide which cuts go into your machine. That way, you’re in charge of the results. In simpler terms, you can get the meat you want to suit your particular recipes.

You Get to Enjoy More Versatility

You can do much more with your meat grinder with some creativity. Sure, the machine works well with beef but that not the only food item it can grind. You can also use the unit to crush nuts and other foods that require some effort to cut through. Other than that, latest meat grinders come with attachments that enable you to make sausages. How about that!

You can Regulate the Level of Fat in Your Meals

By now, you must have figured out one of the advantages of owning a meat grinder is the fact that it makes you in charge of almost every other aspect of your beef. You get to determine the amount of fat which by extension allows you to get more out of your recipes.

The Bottom Line

A meat grinder brings to the fore endless opportunities. In fact, it is one of the handiest cooking tools you can have in your kitchen. And, speaking of meat grinders, visit Prepping Meat to view a collection of models and learn more about how you can benefit from your grinder’s ability.