Important Things you Need to Consider Before Buying a Suit

When shopping for a suit, you want to get one that looks great and is going to last long. Unfortunately, many guys buy in haste and end up with nothing close to what they wished to get. There is this notion that price and quality are correlated, leading many people to fall into a cheap trap. You may find a suit costing too much because it comes from a famous label, yet it’s not that well made. There are simple but essential details in a suit that define its real quality, and most of the time, these features go unnoticed. This article explores some fine details you should look out for before buying a suit.

The collar

The collar of the suit needs to be precise such that it sits flat against the shirt collar. As such, ensure there isn’t any gap left between the jacket and the shirt. On the other hand, if it gets too tight on the collar, there will be wrinkles at the zone at the base of your spine. If the collar does not fit properly, it’s a clear indication that the jacket does not fit your shape, hence look for a better fit.

Sleeve Length

The length of the sleeves should be at least an inch above the base of the thumb to allow the shirt cuff to be visible. However, if you can’t find a perfect sleeve length, you can have it tailor-made by specialists such as or by your tailor.

Trouser Length

With new trends changing things a little bit, there are a few factors that come into play when determining the length of the trousers. Nonetheless, the sensible question is to ask whether the pants should rest on the shoe or flash some ankle. Traditionally, the hem should lightly rest on the shoe. However with new trends such as skinnier trousers and cropped styles, where the hem touches, depends on the wishes of the individual wearing it. Even so, the traditional length is more appropriate to a work environment whereas the cropped option is ideal if you want to rock a suit to a casual event.


Suits are made from different materials. However, the best fabric should be breathable and help keep the body at an even temperature by not retaining heat. The best choice for the cloth is pure wool because it does not only feel great but also helps in shape retention due to its natural properties.

With the tips mentioned above, you can shop for a suit with more confidence paying close attention to some of the details that differentiate an average suit from the perfect deal.