How to Tell if an Instagram Account is Using Bots to Increase its Following

Fake followers on Instagram and other social media platforms is a menace for most small businesses looking for influencers to push their brands. Nowadays, to grow their following and attract authentic followers on Instagram, most marketers and have turned to using Instagram bots. This web-based software is programmed to like or comment on posts with a certain hashtag. Additionally, they also follow new users based on predetermined demographics such as the area of residence or interest in a certain niche. There are numerous web-based bots as reviewed at Spire that most of these fake followers emanate from. So how do you know if someone is using bots to increase their following or not? Read on to find out how.

Irrelevant Comments

Auto-commenting bots are programmed to comment on any posts with a certain hashtag. Therefore, they happen to leave irrelevant comments that are not in any way related to the post in question. For instance, a bot programmed to comment on any hashtag about pets will comment “beautiful pic” on a post about a pile of poop left by a dog on someone else doorstep. Also, if you encounter a single emoji for a comment, or comments that are completely out of context, that’s a bot at work.

Large Following but with Minimal Content

Another way to establish if someone is using a bot is by taking a peek into their account. If someone has a large following but his account is filled with crappy or little content, they are likely using a bot. If you have a large following, the level of engagement on your account should at least match the number of followers you have, unless those followers are not authentic.


A bot will like a load of your pictures at the same time. They do this to trick you into thinking that they like your content and get a follow from you. Even though the likelihood of following an account simply because it liked all your pictures in a row is minimal, if you follow them, they might unfollow you immediately. If that happens, be sure it’s a scam account.

Weird Usernames

The majority of accounts that use bots to increase their following don’t use real or sensible names. They normally have spammy names. That is simply because they will sell-off the account immediately it attains a following large enough to attract some bidders.


You can easily tell if the followers of a particular account are fake. If they don’t have any posts or photos on their accounts, they are most likely auto-generated. Always be on the lookout for any red flags indicating that the accounts could be fake.

Bottom Line

Using bots to attract a large following violates Instagram’s terms of use and also undermines the authenticity of your account and its influence. On any day, organic interactions will have the upper hand with regard to engagement and influence. Therefore, be smart and grow your brand in a genuine manner that creates real connections with other real people.