The Do’s and Don’ts When Flying Multirotor Drones

Multirotor drone are here, and you’d better learn how to fly them right. You see, many risks come into play once your drone is off the ground. But if you’re well acquainted with the basics of safe flying, you don’t have to sweat about it – which brings us to the primary purpose of this write-up. We want to fill you in on what you should and shouldn’t do when flying your drone.

The Do’s

 Always Fly When the Weather is Ideal

You will reduce a host of risks if you operate your drone when the weather is perfect. Among other benefits, you can always keep track your device. And, good weather here doesn’t only mean clear skies or no rains.  A combination of the sun and high winds, for example, could be a recipe for disaster.

 Observe Line of Sight

The drone should always be within your visual range. You certainly want to know its location all the time to avoid unnecessary accidents.

 Keep off Airports

Drone and airports just don’t mix. As a matter of fact, most drone apps mark airports as no-go zones.  If you are A drone enthusiast, you must have heard about the incident involving a drone and an Air France plane in 2016. During the escapade, the pilot had to move from autopilot to manually controlling the aircraft to avert a collision.

The Don’ts

 Avoid Flying over People

Nothing puts more emphasis on this than the Marcel Hirscher story. A professional skier, he escaped a collision with a drone when it fell from the sky by a whisker. If the incident occurred a few seconds earlier, it is probable that Hirschrer would have sustained serious injuries orperharps lost  his life.  So, whatever, you do, fly you drone over an open field.

 Never Fly Your Drone over Houses

There’s no excuse whatsoever to fly your drone over houses (except if you have his or her permission of course).  Things can move pretty fast if someone spots a drone over their house. People have thrown rocks or shot at drones in an attempt to bring them down.

Even worse, your drone may experience mechanical glitch and causes damage other people’s property. Imagine what would happen if, all of a sudden, your drone crashes on someone’s backyard and injures their child. You can bet that it won’t be a laughing matter.

 Fly at Low Altitude

At high altitude the possibility that you’ll crash into things increases. And the worst part it is, most flying objects will most likely not spot your drone before a disaster occurs.  At the same time, do not fly over major roads and freeways. If your drone crashes on a highway, it could cause a serious accident.

Flying drones is fun, but if you’re not careful, the thrill ride could end up in a disaster. Take caution whenever you want to fly your drone. In fact, survey the area before you do anything.  That is the only way that you can be sure that you’re not setting yourself up for an imminent calamity. You’d better be safe than sorry!