Tips for Using Your Paint Sprayer Indoors

If you’re painting your interior walls, and you’ve decided to use a paint sprayer, you need to know how to do it efficiently, without creating a huge mess.

Choose the type of paint sprayer

Use the appropriate sprayer on your walls so the painting process is easier and more effective.

Cheaper cup sprayers are best suited to smaller paint jobs as they may paint evenly. However, they also can create messes.

Airless sprayers will produce a smooth finish on larger areas and are quicker than other ways of painting. However, they also can cause over spraying, so keep this in mind when using one.

The best paint sprayers for interior walls are high volume low pressure (HVLP) sprayers as they produce the least over spray.  But they don’t work that perfectly with latex paints, so consider your choice of paint when you pick a sprayer for your interior wall painting project.

Prepare the room

Paint sprayers may cause misting problems, which means plenty of paint may end up practically all over the room you’re painting.

Before painting, protect your home’s interior by getting the room ready.

Mask everything off to stop paint getting everywhere. Use drop cloths to cover the floors and then tape them off to prevent messes. Tape off everything you don’t want the paint to touch, such as windows, baseboards, light switches, and receptacles. Also seal off doors and ceiling fans to ensure they aren’t painted too.

Protect yourself

As paint sprayers may cause messy situations, be sure to also protect yourself to prevent whatever you don’t want the paint to reach.

When you’re painting the interiors, make sure to wear old shoes, old clothes, gloves, hats, disposable face masks, and safety Goggles.

And now to painting safety.  Before you begin painting your walls, be sure to open a window where you’re painting and remove its screen to protect it from painting.

Have a fan to remove noxious air and get it out. You want to minimize your to exposure to paint vapor to reduce your chances of any health issues related to paint sprayers.

Use the sprayer

Once you’re done with the essential prep work, you may start wall painting. Be sure to use the right kind of sprayer as well as process to paint successfully.

If you’re unsure about the basic process of painting, why not look here first before you even make basic preparations.

Fill your sprayer with paint, thin the paint as necessary, and adjust the nozzle. Be sure to follow the instructions on the sprayer and practice first, on a scrap area.

Determine your appropriate distance by practice, and then apply it throughout the process. Spray smoothly and evenly, with a bit of overlapping every time.

Don’t swing your arm or load the paint. Move your sprayer before you release the paint and do so before you halt movement for a clean, even finish on your wonderfully painted walls.