The Best Tower Space Heater Reviewed

With the cooling of environmental temperatures more so in the winter months, there is need for the existence of a mechanism to heat the patios in order to keep them habitable. No device accomplishes this noble task better than the Tower Space Heater. It is basically an electronic device that is used for heating specific spaces or areas within a building.

Types of Tower Space Heaters

There are four main types of Tower Space Heaters namely:

Ceramic Heaters

This device generates heat by the use of resistant heating wire that is fully enclosed in ceramic material. Being a poor conductor of heat, the ceramic material radiates the heat into the surrounding areas.

Radiant Oil Heaters

It generates warmth by use of heat-conserving oil that is encased within the system and which does not require replacements.

Fan-forced Heaters

In this type of device, air is warmed by passing it over a heating coil after which it is eventually fanned into the room.

Infra-red Heaters

It consists of a usually Tungsten filament enclosed in a Heat-resistant Quartz which is in turn mounted adjacent to a metal reflector. They basically convert the incoming electrical energy into heat and radiate it into specific locations. They are thus more energy-efficient and effective in heating the rooms.

The Characteristics of an Ideal Tower Space Heater

The ideal Tower Space Heater must possess a combination of any two or more of the following attributes:

Safety and Security

The device has to be as safe and secure as possible to eliminate any dangers to the occupants of the patio. It ideally has to be certified by several accreditation organizations such as Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL), or Underwrites Laboratories (UL) e.t.c.

Noise Levels

This is a measure of the amount of noise that the device emits in the course of discharging its functions. It is measured in Decibels and it is contained in the Manufacturer’s manual. The ideal device ought to be as quite as possible in order not to interfere with the concentration of the patio occupants.

Size or Space-efficiency

It is the amount of room space that the device occupies and is determined largely by its dimensions. The ideal machine should occupy as little space as possible to grant the room occupants enough space to move around and about with minimal hindrances.

Energy Consumption

It is the amount of electrical energy that the device consumes while discharging its functions. It is measured in either Voltage (V) or Amperes (A). The ideal device ought to consume as minimal amount of electrical energy as possible in order not to exert extra financial burden on the part of the users.


It is an expression of how long the device will naturally last as well as how resistant to damages the device is. The ideal device should be as durable as possible in order to last as long as possible and consume less money in terms of repairs and maintenance.


As can be deduced from the foregoing discussions, tower space heaters do play important roles in making the patios inhabitable during the cold winter months. It is thus of absolute necessity to exercise great caution while contemplating to acquire them.