Other Ways to Use Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Most people hide away their artificial Christmas tree after the festive season ends, waiting for the next Christmas season to use it. However, there are so many ways to use the tree during the off-season days so that you can get more out of it. You can use these ideas with a pre-lit tree or an unlit one from Xmastree Express. Let us check these ideas out.

Decorate Your Family Room

You can place the Christmas tree in the family room to add to the décor. Use large pine cones to decorate the tree. You can also add some bird decorations so that you end up with a tree that will spice up the room. You can match the tree to the existing décor so that it blends in with everything else.

Use it in The Play Area

Another great idea would be to use the tree in the kids’ play area. These trees are made of durable materials, meaning they will withstand handling by the little ones. The kids can play with the trees by incorporating them in their playtime fantasies. However, make sure the tree is secure at the base before you let the children play with it. You don’t have to show the kids how to use it – they will most definitely figure a way to do it.

Remove all the toys and any sharp decorations from the tree before allowing the kids to use it. Additionally, wrap the plugs so that the kids can’t plug the tree in. this will prevent any accidents resulting from electric shocks.

Light Up Your Home Bar

Your home bar area can use some innovative lighting to spruce it up. One way to do this is to use the artificial Christmas tree for this purpose. You can maintain a Christmas theme or use some beer and sports decorations. Home bars usually have enough space, or a free corner that you can place the tree in.

Final Thoughts

Using a Christmas tree for other uses apart from Christmas decorations helps you get more value out of this artificial tree. You can use the tree to add some color to your family room, use it in your kids’ play area or use it to add some light to your bar area with a beer theme. At the end of the day, you don’t store it away in the basement waiting for next Christmas, you get to put it to use.